Presentation of the website

Presentation of the website

Who are we? is the reference site to solve your problems of missing or corrupted DLL files.
Who never had an error « file.dll not found ! » (or « file.dll is missing ») using Microsoft Windows ?

Download-DLL team offers more than 20 000 DLL files in free download.

Terms of use

All dll files on belong of their respective authors. does not claim to be the author of the DLL files.

In no event can be held responsible for any software damage or data loss that may occur with a dll.
The user assumes full responsibility for the use of the downloaded dll.

DLL files available on the site were the subject of a anti-virus scan but it is nonetheless advisable for the user to perform himself a scan with an updated anti-virus.
Even with a strict safety policy, we can not guarantee 100% no malicious code. Therefore downloading any file should be made in all knowledge of causes.

From what we know, the available files were presented to us as a free and open distribution. If you find a file that should not be distributed freely and for free, please inform the site staff, we will remove the concerned file. was created to help Windows users without any intention of violating intellectual property laws or causing harm to that whatsoever (company or individual).

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Top DLL Download

D3DX9_43.dll (1217409)
xinput1_3.dll (885996)
msvcr100.dll (754647)
vcruntime140.dll (705213)
msvcp100.dll (703224)
msvcp140.dll (582901)
msvcr110.dll (557847)
msvcp120.dll (378035)
msvcr120.dll (373339)
msvcp110.dll (281991)
D3DCompiler_43.dll (243110)
amtlib.dll (233059)
d3dx9_39.dll (220080)
binkw32.dll (192876)
d3dx9_30.dll (172736)
steam_api.dll (169960)
KERNEL32.dll (167304)
lame_enc.dll (151015)
mss32.dll (146771)
msvcr71.dll (138703) - Download missing DLL files for free - Copyright 2012